SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 (x64) with Crack (Solid Squad) Free Download

SolidWorks 2016 x64(64 bit)  with Crack (SolidSquad)!!

Solidworks 2016 64 bit with Crack Free Download! Just one click away.. Click on the links to download…


Part 1 SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 x64 Cracked

Part 2 SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 x64 Cracked

Part 3 SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 x64 Cracked

Part 4 SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 x64 Cracked

Part 5 SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 x64 Cracked

Installation Guide and Password



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1. First of all download all Parts… and Extract them..
2. Make a New folder in any directory.. rename it as “SolidWorks 2016”
3. Go to each downloaded part folder (Extrated) .. Cut their files and paste into
that “SolidWorks 2016” folder (created by you).. When ask..
Click on replace the files in the Destination…
4. Done all the steps carefully.. if even one file is missed during cut or paste..
the software will not RUN!!
5. After Doing this.. Follow the Installation Procedure..



To install SolidWorks you need Administator account

It’s strongly reccomended to turn off Windows UAC

If your antivirus software is not from the list recomended by SW developers ( ) it’s strongly recomended to turn it off


2. Import the SolidWorksSerialNumbers2016.reg file as administrator to populate serial numbers for SolidWorks products.

3. Run “setup.exe” from SolidWork 2016 folder (Extrated)

4. On “Welcome” page specify the type of installation: Individual (on this computer)

5. On “Serial Number” page check the serial numbers are present and press Next

Notes: If you do not disconnect internet before setup you will get warning “Your serial number does not entitle you to SOLIDWORKS..” click “NEXT”. At “Products” tab click “CHANGE” > “Select different packages or products” > tick “Also show products that are not part of this package” > “OK”. Select SW modules and supported languages that you want to install and continue setup

6. When you will get warning “Could not connect to the SolidWorks server to determine which products you are entitled to install….” click “Cancel” to continue setup

7. On “Installation Options” page select “I would like to create new installation of SolidWorks 2016”

Note: also you can select to upgrade any previous major version of SW (if installed) to version 2016 SP0 (not recommended)

8. On “Summary” page be sure to check if all products that you need are ticked for setup
To do it click “Change” for “Products” list and be sure that all needed products in list are ticked. Open drop-down list of products to see all included modules. Tick needed products, untick not needed
Be sure to open list of “Languages” and check if needed language is ticked for setup.

Notes: if planning to install SW Electrical, it is best ot install SQL Server instance BEFORE the Electrical installation.

9. Click “Change” on “Download Options” and untick “Use the background download manager for future service packs”

10. Change (if needed) “Installation Location”, “Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options”, “Electrical Options” and so on..
11. If during setup you will get warning “The Installation Manager was unable to determine the current subxcription expiration date. Would you like to reactivate your license to update this information?” you mast answer “No”, “Cancel”. For the next warning that you will need to do it later manually you must answer “OK” to continue setup. Answer “Cancel” will terminate setup

12. After finish of setup run “SW2010-2016.Activator.GUI.SSQ.exe”, on “General” tab select SW products that you want to activate and click “Activate!”

13. Wait for Activator message “All done! Enjoy” and click “OK” to close Activator

14. Enjoy!

Cracked by TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ

63 thoughts on “SolidWorks 2016 SP1.0 (x64) with Crack (Solid Squad) Free Download

  1. yes i am already using this version, but ansys workbench is different it. its screen is blueish in color not black and has different application then this one. plz upload it


    1. Its a complete package including 16+ products of ANSYS INC. It also include Ansys workbench, APDL, CDF and Fluent. If you already have installed it.. Search for Workbench in your installed package.


      1. mrinal karmakar

        Jawad Sir,

        From morning I tried 2 3 times to install ansys 15 in my system but unable to licence it, I have run the same setup for windows 10 it run correctly, but when i install it in window 7 it getting installed but after running license setup then its shows a fatal error, ” unable to connect with license serve” and even i am unable to change the directory for licenses the option is not appearing, please help me with this issue.

        Thanks and regard


  2. When I try to extract Part 1 Solidworks_2016_SP1.0_Full_DVD1 it asks for a password for certain of the files. It appears to do with the folders ‘flow_simulation’, ‘inspection’, ‘pdmwserver’, ‘plastics’ etc.
    What do I do?


  3. Mrinal KArmakar

    Dear Ahmad Sir i downloaded the solidwork 2016 but i am unable to understand how to instal it, i tried 2 5 times but the setup didn,t show any further steps to instal it can you provide the video of the installation. My PC Is windows 10 64 bit.


      1. mrinal

        Yes I have downloaded all parts from your site only and done the extraction in single folder, uninstalled antivirus, internet disconnect and Windows uac is turned off as said but I m unable to import serial no. And Also when I run setup its didn’t show any welcome page for further installation.


      2. Ok Follow the steps mentioned to fix the problem🙂

        To correct this issue, the files for the Installation Manager will need to be unblocked.

        1. Navigate to the \sldim\lang\english\HTML folder that was extracted from the download.

        2. Right click on a file found in the folder and select Properties.

        3. On the General tab select the ‘Unblock’ option.

        4. Do this for every file in this folder. The list of files should include the following:









      3. mrinal karmakar

        Helo Sir I have downloaded the matlab software from your site but while installation after entering the both (one at a time) file installation key there one window open missing products in that it written “using FIK requires you to run the installer from a DVD or directory
        to obtain the missing file, click back and select login in with a Mathworks account” I tried to 2 3 time, i extracted the same for many time but same msg is appearing


      4. Kamal

        Hi there,

        I downloadad all the links in that there are 4 downloads under solidworks name and one with ‘download.aspx file

        do i have to extract this file too???
        if not how to work with it

        Also my welcome page is just blank

        what is the solutions for that

        thanks in advance




      5. kamaleswaran Somasundaram

        Hi Jawad, I tried several time downloading the fifith link. All the time i receive only as the download.aspx onlyfirst 4 links are fine no issue. I couldn’t figure it out have to change it to the other type. even the rar also not recognizing the format please help me or can you kindly recheck your link please kind regards Kamal


      6. mrinal

        Dear Sir

        I have mailed you on your personal mail id about the proble with ansys 15, as I am creating basic modal in apdl and when I try to rotate the model the apdl stop working and get closed, it occurs many time while I work on something.

        Please explain the way to solve the issue as soon as possible



      7. mrinal karmakar

        Jawad sir,

        i am trying to install ansys software in window 7 downloaded from your site, but after running license as administrator when i launch the ansys apdl 15.0, its show an error ” could not connect the licence serve” i tried installing 2 3 time as per vedio step by step, but unable to rectify the problem. please tell me what to do next to solve this issue as soon as possible.

        Thanks & Regard
        Mrinal KArmakar


    1. mrinal karmakar

      Helo sir as you said I followed the step but still the same msg is appearing, I tried in different ways with antivirus nd after removing the antivirus all time same msg is appearing and asking for download the missing file from internet. I hve extracted the file again nd again removing the previous folder but still its not working.


      1. Missing files error means you are losing some of files. I suppose you are doing the same i mentioned. but now its seems like either you have just download one parts of software or you have download all parts but not merge them.. Download all part. Either extract all of them to one folder or first separately extract them and merge them to one folder after extracting then run setup file.


    1. Am not going to tell this. You should read description of package behind the download button from where you have download it.. Its clearly mention that carefully extract all part and merge them to one folder .. One folder means the same as your error is asking for.



    I downloaded solid work software. Then extract also.Open setup ext also.but install manager cannot be opened. Why?
    My system is Windows 7 ultimate
    Please give a solution bro…:)


  5. NFEng

    Hi🙂 I ran into problems at step 12. When I tried to run “SW2010-2016.Activator.GUI.SSQ.exe” nothing happened, when I tried to do it again the file has disappeared. I re-extracted it from the original download and tried again, but the same thing happened again. Is there any solution to this?


    1. Make sure take your firewall settings are turned off before activation process. Select all products you want to activate and press activate button. Is will take few seconds and message of Done will pop-up or it some time just minimized by some setting so you just have to press it one time thats all.


      1. Ultrakollega

        Hello Jawad,
        thanks for this one.
        Installation works fine but electrical.
        At least thre is one file missing in RAR-part No.2:
        Under swelectric ther shold be a file named “”.
        Best regards


  6. Anonymous

    Hello jawadahmadnagi
    the solidworks electrical installer says me that can’t find the in the sw electric folder. in the rar folders this cabinet does not exist. How can i solve this?
    thank you


  7. Ultrakollega

    installation works all fine but electrical.
    There is at least one file missing in “RAR2”.
    “swelectric” is missing a file named “”.
    Nevertheless nice work, verry wellcome.
    Best regards.


  8. Ultrakollega

    Hello Jawad,
    thanks for this one.
    Installation works fine but electrical.
    At least thre is one file missing in RAR-part No.2:
    Under swelectric ther shold be a file named “”.
    Best regards


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