81 thoughts on “ANSYS 15 [32-64 Bit] with MAGNiTUDE (Crack)- Torrent

    1. Yes.. Its torrent… you can chose either you want to download 32bit or 64 bit.. Its Includes both.. You can download 64bit directly from this site.. 32bit direct link will be available soon.. Keep Visiting..


  1. vinod kumar

    can you please send license calculator for ansys 15 ..I already downloaded the files but some how its saying that crack doesn’t work..please send on my email id if u can.. vinni.in@gmail.com thanks in advance


  2. Abdul Samad

    I tried installing the 32bit version but after its installed i get error [unable to find any licensing server on this machine ] where as i hve installed it through licensing manager .any help would b appriciated


    1. After Installing Ansys 15 Products..!!
      Reboot your machine and then try to License it. Don’t forget to copy magnitude folder to any other directory. Watch Video tutorial for licensing (Can find it in Magnitude folder).


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply,

        Everything works fine, just when using the static structure you are only limited to 30000 nodes/elements which is the same as the student version, just wondering if this is correct or I’ve not done the licensing right.



  3. rehan

    when i am installing manager….a warning is coming “if the licence manager is currently running, it could be shutdown if you continue with this installation.’ i ignored this and now when trying to start ansys it say ” could not connect to any licence server’

    how can i fix this problem ..help me.


  4. Sergio Alberto

    I have a problem, when I give he license path it gives me this error: INVALID LICENSE FILE the hostname value in the license file does not match any valid hostname value for this machine. License file was not installed…


  5. Anonymous

    thanks for software. but not install license file.

    response are: INVALID LICENSE FILE: The FLEXlm ID in the license file does not match any supported FLEXlm IDs found for this machine. License file was not installed.

    system are W7X64.

    thanks for your replay.


    1. Delete Already generated License File.. Copy Magnitude folder to another directory. Then generate license file for your machine. Watch video tutorial available in Magnitude folder “installation and Licensing Guide “.

      Feel free to contact.. If you still have any queries. Keep Visiting


  6. inzimam

    This installation is incomplete….i have done as per the video but now i cant find the ansys on my desktop and i cant find the installed product. Again if i open the Ansys disk 1 it shows the setup and the same process follows ???
    where to find and use the software ???


  7. Abdou

    Assalamo aleikom !
    I downloaded the products, but I can’t find the calculator to generate the license file in the file MAGNITUDE, could you send it to me please ?


  8. justine

    hi, I got an error message saying : ”invalid license file: the GLEXIm ID in the license file does not match any supported FLEXIm IDs found for this machine” when I select the generated license.txt in the c/program files/ansys inc/shared files/licensing. Any suggestions? Thanks


  9. Anonymous

    First of all, thank you so much for this file.
    I just got a problem running the program.
    When I run fluent 15.0 file, the program says
    ” Cannot fine license file. The license file attempted are listed below. Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file or contact your software provider for a license file.
    Feature: fluent
    Filename: D:/ANSYS Inc/v150/fluent/license/win64/..license.dat
    License path: D:/ANSYS Inc/v150/fluent/license/win64/..license.dat
    FLEXnet Licensing error: -1,359. System Error: 2 “No such file or directory”


      1. Anonymous

        i saw ansys15 install tutorial and tried perfectly same ways.

        BUT… my computer can’t success about ‘start license manager’

        i clicked View Status/Diagnostics Options’ button and found some errors

        here are that errors

        2016/09/25 14:48:53 INFO ANSYSLI_CMD=C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\win32\ansysli_server.exe -nodaemon

        2016/09/25 14:48:53 INFO ANSYSLI_INITIALIZATION_FILE=’C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\ansyslmd.ini’

        2016/09/25 14:48:53 INFO ANSYSLI_MONITOR=C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\win32\ansysli_monitor.exe

        2016/09/25 14:48:53 INFO ANSYSLI_PRODORD_FILE=’C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\prodord\ansysli.prodord.xml’

        2016/09/25 14:48:55 INFO FLEXLM_LICENSE_FILE=’C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\license.dat’

        2016/09/25 14:48:55 INFO Backing up FLEXlm debug log file to C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\license.log.old.

        2016/09/25 14:48:55 INFO C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\win32\lmgrd.exe -c “C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\license.dat” -l “C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\license.log”

        2016/09/25 14:48:57 ERROR Failed to start the FLEXlm license manager. Please check the FLEXlm log file C:\Program Files\Shared Files\Licensing\license.log for more information (errno = 2).

        2016/09/25 14:48:57 ERROR Could not start FLEXlm server. Please check the FLEXlm log file. Exiting.

        ​i tried​ what you told that change license number ..

        from 1055 to 1138 thinking it’s because so many people installed it.

        but….. always same errors.

        how should i do about this problem……….

        please help me please ㅠㅠㅠ


      2. There is nothing about lot of peoples installed it or not. Main thing is that for licensing your product. Its need your systems host id. So generate license file for your own system and used that one that it.


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